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You have a business that you believe in wholeheartedly. You are completely onboard with promoting your business via social media. You know part of your key to success is a strong online presence. AdWords, SEO, Email Marketing, and Facebook ads are all viable ways to increase your online presence and get more Facebook likes. Facebook is highly popular; in fact, it yields more pageviews than Google. That being true, wouldn’t you love it if you had not only a strong online presence, but also a strong Facebook presence? Do not buy into the myth that just because you create a business Facebook page that you will have visitors overnight. Instead, be proactive about gaining fans that can lead to sales. How can you be sure to get Facebook fans, and then more of them?

Get Facebook Fans – How?

facebook Get Facebook FansYou can buy Facebook fans . Buy Facebook fans? Couldn’t you just get your fans yourself for free? Well, probably you could get a portion of your actual friends to be “fans” of your page. But they already know about you and your business, right? And, while some businesses run contests or give away free stuff to attract more fans, consider if these are the kind of Facebook fans that you are targeting—ones who want free stuff. What you really seek in Facebook fans are people who are specifically interested in what you offer. So, you maybe understand that you don’t necessarily want free Facebook fans.
But could you get many fans for little money? Yes, you can do so by hiring a company overseas (like India) to give you inexpensive fans. However, what typically happens is that they offer you fake profiles that “like” your page, fake people who do not post anything at all on your Facebook wall—because they are not real. Now you have spent a little money for no return. Following are a few ideas that could bring in some free Facebook fans: embed widgets on your business’s website, place a link to your Facebook fan page in every email that you send out, integrate the Facebook comment feature you’re your webpage, take lots of pictures at company events to upload on Facebook and encourage your current fans to tag themselves in the pictures. Those are all free ideas. The best, however, is to budget for purchasing Facebook ads. This is money spent wisely as Facebook ads are the most targeted traffic that you will find.

Get Facebook Fans – Don’t Skimp Here

Some companies do not budget for purchasing Facebook ads. This is a problem; and when the economy is not particularly strong, many companies start looking for ways to cut back. Many pull back on advertising. This is foolish, as typically what follows that ebb is not a flow—but a halt. How can more people come to your business if you cut back on getting the word “out” about your business? That does not make sense. Of course, not every business demands Facebook attention for success. Depending on your target audience, you may or may not best reach them via Facebook. Consider your pros and cons, and move ahead with advertising you and your business successfully!

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