Facebook Blaster Pro vs NEW Facebook Friend Adder

Below you will find the best 2 Facebook friend adder marketing software to try for free and an outline of their features. We have detailed two fantastic friend adders which have free trials and are very affordable. They will save you many hours with your Facebook marketing. Each has its advantages however we are a fan of the new Facebook friend adder which works on Windows, Linux & Apple Mac.

Facebook Blaster Pro  Compared To The New Facebook Friend Adder

We  summarized & compared features of the  Facebook tools below. We prefer the new friend adder but try them both & see what you think!

Facebook friend adder windows Facebook Blaster Pro vs NEW Facebook Friend Adder Facebook friend adder windows osx linux Facebook Blaster Pro vs NEW Facebook Friend Adder
With the Facebook blaster pro you get the advantage of a combination pack at an extremely cheap price. The combo marketing software pack allows you carry out twitter marketing, youtube marketing, myspace, bebo and other social networks. Facebook blaster proautomation functions are slighty more basic than the new adder and we did not like the interface as much. However it worked & it will save you time! It’s also very cheap simple smile Facebook Blaster Pro vs NEW Facebook Friend Adder

  • Automatic Facebook Friend Requests
  • Automatic Facebook Messages
  • Automatic Facebook Wall Poster
  • Automatic Facebook Friend Poker
  • Auto Mass Captcha Bypass

This Facebook friend adder offers free download, unlimited functions trial for a length of time – download it now and try for yourself.

Having been around for a long time this facebook software is robust however it looks a bit dated. But it’s cheap and for many people will do the job you require – you can then use the friend connections to get facebook fans (manually)!

A NEW multi-platform Facebook friend adder, we feel this is a better friend adder than Friend Blaster Pro. There are many more functions and a better interface. The software has great automation features and works on Windows, Linux and Apple os x
new friend adder Facebook Blaster Pro vs NEW Facebook Friend AdderThis tool has various options and may be more suitable for the serious business owner.

  • Auto Mass Friend Requests
  • Send Friend Messages
  • Facebook Friend Wall Poster
  • Very Advanced Facebook Search
  • Fully automated – Schedule everything!
  • Auto Mass Captcha Bypass

This Facebook friend adder offers a free download (also available for
myspace). You can use ALL features free however you are limited to the
number of “adds”. There are a number of options available from just $30.

Download it today and try for yourself!

Facebook Friend Adder

You can still try Facebook friend blaster pro using the free download banners, however we strongly recommend trying this:
FACEBOOK FRIEND ADDER software which we LOVE! Alongside Windows, it also operates on Apple Mac osx & Linux.

(yes…the above link is our favourite facebook friend adder – we feel this adder is better than facebook blaster pro
but you can try both!)
Instantly benefit from automated free targeted advertising, marketing and lead generation on the social networking site everyone
is talking about with help of the ultimate facebook friend adder (try facebook blaster pro – but also please try the new
facebook friend adder).
microsoft logo Facebook Blaster Pro vs NEW Facebook Friend Adder paypal verified Facebook Blaster Pro vs NEW Facebook Friend Adder

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Facebook Tools

In the world today, the need to communicate has emerged as a basic need and the internet has addressed it by the use of numerous social networking sites using basic software such as the Facebook software & Facebook tools now available.Man is a social animal and company is something each and every one yearns for. With the net savvy generation today, the use of the internet has reached amazing heights. In the world of communication, ranging from the use of satellite phones to online calling, the technology has indeed played a crucial role. The amenities and convenience provided by the availability of the internet has led to the invention and wide spread use of the social networking sites. As the name suggests, these sites are avenues to get to know what one’s near ones and friends are up to and at the same time update information on one’s activities as well. There are also options of sharing photographs and videos on the sites for others to see. The social scene is furthered by the ability of the people watching these images and videos to comment on them and remain in touch. If you like entering competitions and prize draws you should check out http://www.itvcompetitions.co.ukwhere you can find TV competitions for uk television programmes.

The Facebook software

Face book is one of the most popular and well established social networking sites today. The Facebook software is something which has formed a part of most lives today and is an integral part of daily jobs for many. It is the software which has helped many stay in touch and has also helped many lost friends and dear ones rediscover the joy of knowing and remaining in touch. It is because of this software that many products have got an exceptional response and the opinion market has also seen a vast increase in the speed of opinion flow thanks to the Facebook software.

Variants of the Facebook software

The Facebook software is basically a program which helps automatic notification of status on the account on certain devices. While the site as such may be accessed from any device, the ability to automatically be informed of notifications, comments, pokes and likes exists only post installing the Facebook software on the device in question and maintaining a continuous net connection on it. The same software is available online in various variants such as for devices of different vintage and make. The device operating software is also at times the deciding factor for the type of software required.

Advantages of the Facebook software

The need to connect to one’s need and dear one is a basic need of life. Given that the Facebook software addresses and fulfils this need to the fullest, it is indeed an amazing software. The facilities attached therein where by a user can form groups, send group messages and glance at other’s images and videos at the convenience of a click, are worth commending the designers. You can also find good information at fbfacts.comIt is the facilities extended by the Facebook software that have enabled numerous ties to remain in place and numerous people stay in touch the way they want to.